An Oasis of Luxury

Welcome to Sweet Suitez, where we redefine short-term rentals with a touch of elegance. We specialize in offering exquisite apartments, lofts, and vacation homes in the most sought-after neighborhoods, catering to professional travelers like you.

Indulge in a truly hotel-like experience with our array of amenities, including travel-size toiletries, plush towels, and premium linens, ensuring your comfort is never compromised. And yet, Sweet Suitez goes beyond the ordinary by providing the warmth and convenience of a home, boasting spacious kitchens and inviting living spaces.

At Sweet Suitez, we prioritize your well-being, proving a seamless blend of comfort, quality, and safety throughout your stay. Our dedicated local teams at each location work tirelessly to ensure every guest enjoys a consistently exceptional experience. Plus, our round-the-clock availability via text or phone call means we're always here to address any questions, concerns, or special requests you may have.

Are you planning an extended stay of a month or more? Look no further than Sweet Suitez. We extend a warm welcome to corporate/business traveler, long-haul vacationers, and digital nomads seeking a home away from home. Nestled in Florida, Sweet Suitez offers fully furnished apartment suites designed to seamlessly integrate work and play while providing all the comforts you desire.

Come, experience the allure of Sweet Suitez. Your journey to exceptional hospitality starts here!   


Does Sweet Suitez have a cleaning team?

After each stay, our professional team inspects and cleans from top to bottom. If the guest is staying for an extended period, cleaning is provided upon request. 

Asked Questions

Does Sweet Suitez screen their guest?

Yes. No matter the length of stay, we require identification and screening before beginning a reservation.

How does Sweet Suitez market its availability?

We advertise on here, our direct booking site, as well as other third-party short and mid term websites.